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Regent Mocha Cupcake 10pcs 7oz distributed by Sunrise

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Regent Mocha Cupcake 10pcs 7oz

Regent Mocca Cake (10pcs/Pack) in 7oz Pack. 10 CREAMY AND LUSCIOUS UBE FLAVORED CAKES IN EVERY PACK - Sink into a Mocca flavored dreamland with Regent sponge cake snacks. Made with fine flour, whole eggs, and baked to perfection just like traditional homemade sponge cakes.. AUTHENTIC FILIPINO SNACKS - Grab a taste of home with Regent's wide variety of cakes, cookies, and snacks. Filled with pure pure goodness for a completely unique taste that's far above the rest.. FRESH AND TASTY - Every package of Regent Sponge Cakes is packed right after baking to ensure maximum long-lasting freshness. Treat yourself to a bag of deliciousness and taste the fresh soft texture of Regent sweet Ube filled sponge cakes.. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Each sponge cake cookie is wrapped individually and then placed in an outer Regent Cakes package with an air-tight seal guaranteeing freshness.