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MX3 Mangosteen Tea with Pandan 20 Teabags distributed by Sunrise

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MX3 Mangosteen Tea with Pandan 20 Teabags

MX3 Tea is a healthy blend of tea made from mangosteen leaves and combined with mangosteen pericarp extract. This natural-based high-quality tea has a rich taste and packed with three powerful antioxidants: Alpha Mangostin, Beta Mangostin, and Gamma Mangostin.

MX3 Tea is also infused with pandan (Screw Pine) to enhance the aroma and boost health through pandan's essential oils and alkaloids.

Direction for Use: Place one tea bag in a teapot with 1 liter of hot water to produce 10 cups of tea. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes depending on preferred strength. For maximum benefit, drink 5 or more cups every day, preferably after meals, snacks, and before going to bed.

Optional: You may add honey or lemon according to your desired taste. Can be taken either hot or cold.